Cerfolio, Nina
Name of Therapist:
Nina Cerfolio, M.D.

My lifelong dedication is helping others evolve spiritually along the path of greater self-awareness and actualization. To see not only the forest for the trees, but beyond the trees. Consciousness is a vast multidimensional existence, where identity is more than how we define ourselves professionally and in our daily lives, but also as a spiritual being.

My passion is helping my patients, who are interested, in connecting with a spiritual understanding of their psychological experience, which is mostly unconscious. By embracing each person as a whole, rather than from a “deficit model”, psychotherapy deepens from working with concrete, materialistic issues to healing their souls. Mindfulness practices including meditation and other practices are utilized to make more intrapsychic space for understanding one’s emotions in order to have the ability to make different life choices and transform suffering. I find an integrated holistic approach to be complementary, and comprehensive.

Primary Office Location:

2 Deegan Lane
Tomkins Cove, NY 10986

Secondary Office Location:

2 Fifth Avenue
STE #5
New York, NY 10011

Secondary Office Phone:

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