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Boulanger, Ghislaine

I have had a private practice in Manhattan since 1982, where I work with adults individually and in couples both intensively and in brief psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I also treat adolescents and their families. My Ph.D. is from the Clinical Psychology Program at Columbia University (1981), and I completed postdoctoral training at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy (1986) and at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (1997). In addition to my private practice, I am a member of the faculty at the Postdoctoral Program where I teach a course on working psychoanalytically with Adult Onset Trauma. My interest in working with patients who have survived massive psychic trauma began as I worked with Vietnam combat veterans and has grown to include those who have been through natural disasters and others those who have suffered individuals assaults. In my book Wounded by Reality, I describe this work in some detail. As an emigrant I am also interested in working with people who are facing cross cultural dilemmas. Whether they have come to America by choice or whether the decision was made out of necessity, immigrants find that these issues play a crucial role in their lives and in the lives of their children.

242 West 101 Street
New York, NY 10025

Individual, Couples
6889 New York