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Stukalin, Joel

“With sensitivity and counseling excellence, Joel helps resolve relationship issues and emotional conflicts. Knowledgeable of clients’ cultures, he is a highly regarded and experienced Licensed and Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and Couples Counselor. Generously flexible working with clients’ personality styles and needs, Joel has been awarded specialist credentials that include Diplomate and Fellow diplomas from The American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology and Certification from The New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, where he serves as a Training Analyst.

Dr. Joel was honored to be chosen by the US Federal Government as a Psychologist First-Responder during the aftermath of the 9/11/01 World Trade Tower tragedy. While a NYS Psychological Association Referral Psychologist/Media Consultant, he was interviewed by The NY Times, NY Magazine, The NY Post, ABC National News, Court TV and WJFK. Dr. Joel has also Chaired The American Board of Professional Psychology Examination Committee in Clinical Psychology.

Located in Forest Hills and West Village settings, Dr. Joel offers specialized quality services, including Counseling for Marriage and Family, Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis for Individuals and Couples, and Life Coaching for Personal and Financial Health.”

135 Whitson Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375


101 W12 Street
Suite #6K
New York, NY 10011-8112

Any Insurance
Individual, Family, Couples
004547 New York