Curtis, Sarah
Name of Therapist:
Sarah Curtis, Ph.D.

My diverse practice reflects and serves the needs of my neighborhood. My style of practice is interpersonal/humanistic meaning that I try to take an open minded approach to psychotherapy. The work is an exploration of the nature of relationships and sources of anxiety leading to an understanding of moment-to-moment experience of self and others. This understanding may lead to meaningful change and to the emergence of choices which were not previously considered. I am respectful of individual needs and differences and consider social & cultural influences. Email is best:

My preferred method of practicing is talk therapy. Relating one's life story and personal experience in the presence of an analyst with professional training and expertise leads to a different perspective on past and present experience. This alternative point of view generates choices not considered previously.

My background in psychoanalysis, neuropsychology and education provides me with knowledge of psychoanalytic theory that is informed by an understanding of the relationship of brain to behavior. My years doing psychoeducational and neuopsychological evaluations enable me to characterize problems as they are presented and to explore practical solutions.

Primary Office Location:

1410 Beverley Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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