Our Services

PostdoctoralReferralService.com members have private offices offering psychology services, most located in the five boroughs of New York, Westchester County, Long Island, and New Jersey. In addition to our psychodynamic and psychoanalytic training, many of our members have specialized training in such areas as couples and family therapy, group therapy, cognitive and dialectical/behavioral therapy, CBT and DBT. Neuro-psychological, psychoeducational, and personality testing are also available.

Our participating psychologists offer a broad range of specialties. Some of the problems we treat:

• depression
• anxiety
• stress
• relationship issues
• work related concerns
• performance anxiety

• family problems
• lesbian, gay, and transgender issues
• aging and retirement
• mourning/loss
• eating disorders
• dependency/addictions

People from all ethnic, educational and religious backgrounds are welcome to use our service.

Administration of Services

This website and the Referral Service are administered by the members of the Executive Board:

Judith Beldner, Ph.D., Chair