Juran, Shelley
Name of Therapist:
Shelly Juran, Ph.D.
License State and No:
6331 New York
Gender Identify of Therapist:

"I am a psychologist/psychoanalyst with an interpersonal/relational and humanistic approach, specializing in relationship problems, couples therapy, women’s issues and gender identity concerns. In individual therapy, people discover and understand what’s important to them so that they can find a way to feel “real” and “alive” in the world. Perceptions about themselves are explored and reevaluated so that self-defeating patterns of thoughts and behaviors can be discarded and more realistic and helpful perceptions and behaviors will emerge. The client/therapist relationship itself is a close and healing experience that facilitates this process.

Couples therapy emphasizes respectful communication and listening techniques. Couples can learn to express difficult feelings and take-in what their partner is saying. Then they can practice these communication patterns at home.

I am also a Professor of Psychology and am very aware of other theoretical perspectives which are utilized when it might be helpful in either individual or couples therapy. I have been a practicing psychologist for over 30 years and a psychoanalyst for over 14 years. For both the client and therapist, learning about oneself and how we relate to others is fascinating and worthwhile work. It can last a lifetime."

Primary Office Location:

170 East 77th Street
New York, NY 10075

Client Focus:
Couples, Family, Group
Ages Groups Served:
Adolescents, Adults, Children, Seniors
Cost Per Session:
Sliding Scale:
Insurances Accepted:
Any Insurance
Out Of Network Ins. Accepted:

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